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Tourmaline Healing Bead Necklace

Add a pop of color to your #neckmess with these tourmaline healing beads. This necklace ends with two 14 kt. gold rings, from which you can add your favorite “charm holders” and charms. 

Tourmaline purifies, cleanses, transforms energy and creates a protective shield around the body. It attracts inspiration, compassion and prosperity. Tourmaline is a great mental healer. It balances the right and brain. 

Multicolored tourmaline balances the mind, body and spirit in a wholesome way. It promotes creativity and dreams. It stimulates the immune system and metabolism.

         - Handmade from tourmaline and 14 kt. gold.

         - 18"

         - Necklace is open ended.

         - Charm holder sold separately.

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