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Why Elizabeth Buenaventura's modern amulets?

Elizabeth Buenaventura’s Modern Amulets are fine jewelry pieces inspired by nature, travel and symbolism. They’re designed for women (and men) to feel special, polished & chic. Call it understated luxury. Fine jewelry you can treat yourself to and treasure forever.

Whether it’s your “first diamond” or a new piece of jewelry to add to your collection, we want it to bring happiness.

We believe in spreading happiness by creating forever pieces with exceptional quality, that will make you feel empowered. 

Our modern amulets are designed to protect you, guide you and bring you the utmost joy.

What does buenaventura mean?

By no coincidence, Buenaventura translates to “Good Fortune” or “Good Adventure” in Spanish.
Buena= Good / Ventura= Fortune / Aventura = Adventure 

What does the Elizabeth Buenaventura logo symbolize?

Our logo symbolises a diamond made from the letters “EB”.  

The triangle represents optimism, self expression and luck.

Each tip of the diamond represents the inspiration behind the brand: Nature, Travel & Symbolism. By pointing downwards, it represents feminine energy. 

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