A suitcase & a dream

Dreamer Necklace

Dreamer Necklace

While studying for my Masters in Consumers’ Behavior by day, I began taking a jewelry course with a master jeweler on nights and weekends. It wasn’t long before I realized that creating was my passion, and nothing made me happier than creating jewelry

At the end of my last semester, I asked my university if it would be possible to finish my thesis abroad, and New York was on my mind. After a lot of convincing and persuading, they gave me permission.

One Sunday morning, while still in bed, I opened my computer and bought a one- way ticket to NYC. I was determined to become a jewelry designer in The Big Apple. My parents found out two weeks later and thought I was insane (not because I was moving to NYC; but because I wanted to become a jewelry designer).

I moved to New York with a suitcase and a dream. The world was my oyster. Though scared, I felt empowered and inspired. If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.



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