We’re on a mission to offer something personal & unique; keeping in mind social responsibility.

Staying true to who we are truly matters, so we stand behind the three key values on which our brand is built: Sustainability, Versatility and Personalization.
We’re on a mission to offer something personal and unique which perfectly blends a touch of edge and timeless style.
Giving back is important so we work with Woman’s Foundations to provide help to those who truly need it.


Preserving the Future

As we continue on our journey to grow our brand and embrace the adventures which life presents us with, we always give Mother Nature the helping hand she deserves by creating sustainable jewelry.

Eco-Friendly is the name of the game when it comes to creating something in which adds to the world. We are proud that every piece is handmade with love right here in NYC from recycled gold and ethically sourced stones.


The Only Limit is Your Imagination

Jewelry is a personal journey of discovery. By creating pieces whose only limit is your imagination, we provide the personal touches that will be with you every step of your journey.

Mix and Match our latest designs to ignite your inner creative and show the world your passion for self-expression.



Tell Your Own Story

Jewelry should tell a personal story. It is a record of your adventures and footsteps, your passions and indulgences.

When you discover a piece you love, we invite you to make it personal by adding anything from your initials and date of birth to your birthstone. Whatever you need to tell your own story


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