EB Jewel About

Based in the ever-changing environment of New York City, EB Jewel is the work of Elizabeth Buenaventura who seeks to allow people the freedom to express their individuality.

Entice your creativity and fuel your imagination. Get ready to craft your own look.

We’re a company who offers endless possibilities and chances to express yourself through personalization. We believe everybody should be able to update their look effortlessly by being able to Mix & Match every form of our sustainable jewelry. Each personalized piece becomes a true expression of your lifestyle and spirit.

Make it personal. Stay true to yourself. Show the world. Create your own identity. Express who you really are. Create something vibrant. Find a unique look. Feel empowered. Become free. Become you…

Never live a life limited by what others tell you is possible.If your mind can conceive it then you can achieve it.






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